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Get $200 Off Happsy Mattress Using Code
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Happsy: Organic Bed in a Box, Pillows & Sheets for Happier …

When you choose Happsy, you’re choosing more than a mattress—you’re choosing health and well-being. Sleep Healthy. Wake Happy™. Shop Happsy today.

• Healthy sleep shouldn’t be difficult to find, and it shouldn’t cost a fortune. When we saw the mattresses available in the market, we saw a need for an organic bed-in-a-box alternative that was attainable by everyone. We couldn’t understand why educated, savvy, environmentally aware consumers were buying memory foam, gel infused foam and the like – all made with polyurethane foam, polyester fabrics, glues/adhesives and flame retardants.

• Happsy products not only deliver premium quality and comfort, they are handcrafted in the U.S.A. using domestically-sourced materials as much as possible. We focus on certified-organic, non-GMO materials for minimal environmental impact. We pay our employees a fair wage, give back a portion of our profits (1% For The Planet), and use honest practices in every aspect of our business. It really is a mattress you can feel good about.