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Alamy Savings Hacks

Does Alamy offer any bulk discounts?

Yes, you can save up to 30% by purchasing one of Alamy’s content packs. You can find bundles for both photos and videos.

Can I use Alamy promo codes to save on my purchases?

Yes, Alamy offers promo codes that can be used during checkout to save on your purchases.

Can I sign up for Alamy’s email newsletter to receive exclusive discounts and promotions?

Yes, by signing up for Alamy’s email newsletter, you can receive exclusive discounts and promotions.

Does Alamy offer any discounts for students or educators?

No, Alamy does not currently offer any discounts for students or educators.

Are there any membership or loyalty programs available at Alamy that can help me save money?

No, Alamy does not have any membership or loyalty programs available at this time.

Does Alamy have a clearance section where I can find discounted items?

No, Alamy does not have a clearance section for discounted items.

Does Alamy offer any price matching or price adjustment policies?

No, Alamy does not offer any price matching or price adjustment policies.

Can I save money by using Alamy’s credit system to prepay for images?

Yes, by using Alamy’s credit system to prepay for images, you can save money on each image you purchase.

Redeeming Your Alamy Coupon Code

  • Use the dropdown selectors on’s search bar to select the type of image files you want.
  • Add the image(s) to your cart by moving the cursor over the image until you see the cart icon appear.
  • When you click this icon inside of the image’s thumbnail, the icon will turn into a check mark.
  • Click the “Cart” button near your account name to start checking out.
  • Click the “Go to Checkout” button. Next, find the “Have a discount code?” section and enter your Alamy promo code.
  • If your coupon code is valid, your discount will automatically be applied to your Alamy order.

What To Do If Your Alamy Promo Code Isn’t Working

  • Check that you have correctly entered your Alamy discount code.
  • Ensure your cart meets the minimum purchase amount or any other requirements.
  • Make certain the coupon code which you selected is valid and has not yet expired.
  • If you are still having any trouble, try a different Alamy coupon code from CouponFollow instead.

Stacking and Combining Alamy Coupon Codes

You cannot stack Alarmy promo codes. Only one discount code may be applied to each order. Make sure to choose the promo code that will give you the best discount before applying it to your order. Also, keep in mind that some Alarmy coupon codes may have expiration dates or specific terms and conditions.

Other Important Tips for Alamy Shoppers

Apply for an Alamy Credit Account

An Alamy credit account is a prepaid system that allows you to buy credits in advance, which can be used to purchase images on the Alamy website. Each credit is worth a certain amount of money, which can vary depending on your location and currency. By using the credit system, you can save money on each image compared to buying them individually. Alamy credits can also be used to buy other things and services from Alamy, like video footage and custom licensing options.

Become a Contributor for Alamy and Earn Up to 50% on Each Sale

Becoming a contributor for Alamy can be a great opportunity for photographers and artists to earn money from their work. Alamy is one of the biggest and most well-known stock photo agencies in the world. It gives contributors a place to sell their photos to over 100,000 customers in more than 150 different countries. Alamy also gives contributors fair and clear commission rates, with the chance to make up to 50% of each sale. Alamy also has a simple and easy-to-use upload process for contributors. Images can be uploaded in either JPEG or RAW format. Discount and Savings Hacks

  • Become an Alamy student stock photographer and earn a 100% commission. Qualified student contributors don’t pay commissions or fees to sell their photos through Alamy. There are no limits to what you can earn through this program.
  • Sign up for a free Alamy account and say yes to receiving product information and special offers via email.
  • Join Alamy as a contributor and earn money selling your photography. Contributors can sell news images, vector images, and iPhone photography. Look for the “Sell Images” link in the website header for details.
  • Follow Alamy on social media to get ideas and find out about deals and discounts.
  • Apply for an Alamy credit account to save money when buying images or videos.
  • Save up to 30% when you buy an image pack at Alamy.
  • Sign up for emails from Alamy to get the latest information on promotions, sales, and new content.

Using these strategies can help you save money when shopping for photos and videos at Alamy.

Alamy License Agreement

Alamy uses two different types of licensing agreements. One is a royalty-free (RF) license, and the other is a rights-managed (RM) license. Contributing photographers assign licensing to their images. Royalty-free licensing allows the buyer to use an image with no restrictions when they pay a single price. You can use an image multiple times across platforms. However, there are likely to be restrictions placed on reselling the image.

Rights-managed licenses are more restrictive. The license defines where, when, and how an image is used, as well as for how long an image is available for use. Alamy allows you to filter your image searches to locate RF or RM licensing.

Alamy Return Policy

Buyers are offered a complete refund of their purchase when they notify Alamy within 30 days of the invoice date. Contact to begin the refund process. Alamy will also refund buyers if they discover a defect in any images they have purchased. Alamy must be notified of defective images within 30 days of the date of delivery to qualify for a refund. In some cases, Alamy may replace the defective image instead of sending a refund.

When requesting a refund, the images cannot be used by the buyer. Images that have already been used by the buyer may not qualify for a return. All refunded images must be deleted from the buyer’s archives.

How To Contact Alamy Customer Service

Reach out to Alamy customer service by calling (866) 671-7305. For specific concerns, start on the Alamy Contact Us web page. You can also chat live with customer service by clicking the “Chat Now” button in the header.